Refine Search 2020 CIMC 40 FT GOOSENECK TANDEM

Memphis, Tennessee, USA
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Quantity 1
Year 2020
Manufacturer CIMC
Condition New
Composition Steel
Axle Tandem
Length 40 ft
Width 96 in
DIMENSIONS Overall Length: 40' 8" (Excludes rear bumper) Overall Width: 96" Fifth Wheel Height: 48"±1" Rear Deck Height: 48"±1" Kingpin Location 30" (From rear face of front bolster) Axle Spread: 49" Tandem Location: 54" (From rear face of rear bolster) Tare Weight: 6,600 Lbs (±2%) Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 73,800 Lbs STEEL STRUCTURE & COMPONENTS Material: High strength GR50 steel. Painting: E-coat primer (minimum 20μm) and Powder coating topcoat (minimum 60μm). 7 years warranty. Color black. Main Beam:.W12@19lb/ft hot-rolled H-beam, ASTM A572 Grade 50 or equivalent. Crossmember: 3/16" thick x 3" wide x 9" deep channel with integral gussets on top. GN Beam: 5-1/4" deep x 4" wide I-beam, 1/2" thick flange and 1/4" thick web. Upper Coupler: 1/4" thick w/ 2" dia. drain holes, reinforced by 1/4" thick channel type. kingpin supports. HOLLAND or JOST 2" AAR certificated kingpin. Front Bolster: 8" wide x 10" high, 1/4" thick open section, with 3-1/2" chamfer in full length for gathering container in operation. One piece corner casting welded on both ends. Rear Bolster: 8" wide x 3/8" thick top plate with 6-7/8" wide x 8" deep x 1/4" thick “U” channel. Rear Bumper: 4" x 4" square type step bar supported by H type posts. Front Locking Pin: Schulz FB99HL-A or Buffers equivalent. Rear Twist Lock: Schulz F77ANS or Buffers equivalent. Landing Gear: HOLLAND Saturn 62 iM with 62,500 lb capacity. Suspension: HOLLAND mechanism suspension w/ spring 354-00. Axle: HOLLAND 5" round axles with 22,500 lb capacity, 71-1/2" track, Haldex 28 spline, 5.5" automatic slack adjusters. 16-1/2" x 7" Q Brake. Lubricant: Stemco seal, Mobilith SHC 007 synthetic grease lubricant with metal hubcap. Hub & Drum: 10 stud hub piloted hubs with outboard mounting cast steel drum. Rims: Jingu 22.5" x 8.25" hub-piloted wheels, JG28SW61X. Tires: Westlake 295/75R22.5 tubeless type, 14 ply, CR915. Brake System: WABCO 2S/1M ABS brake system, spring brake priority. Phillips 12-0081/12-0061 gladhand and Haldex type 3030 2.5" stroke brake chamber. Electrical: Truck-Lite 12 volt LED lighting system with Phillips modular wiring harness. Connectors for GPS and PSI are available in the harness. The theft-proof design used for 4" LED lighting. MISC: CIMC standard marking, Conspicuity tape, Document holder, 24" X 30" Black rubber mud flap with CIE logo. Option: Tire inflation system, with LED indicator lamp; Thermo-Alert.
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